Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joshua Tree 2011

You would think camping is our favorite thing in the world. Not so much, but why not. At least we were hiking in costume. That's what happens when your friends bring their burning man suitcases rather than firewood. Yes, it was that kind of weekend.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You know you're a mother when....

You know you're a mother when....

It's mothers day and you do absolutely nothing for yourself.

You use lansinoh (for dry, cracked nipples) as your lip balm.

You are explaining your baby's nap schedule to the clerk at Whole Foods....as if they friggin' care!

After peeing in your pants, you immediately clean the baby. And then sit down on a cloth diaper to eat lunch. And then you finally take a shower. (Yes, this has really happened to me. Twice.)

You know you're a mother when....You continue rocking your baby an hour after he has fallen asleep because you want to hang on to those special moments for as long as physically possible.

Before I was a mom, I didn't know how naturally all of this would come. Yes, I've been a mommy for years to Boogars Bellpepper Perry, but now that I have a footballer baby, I have a new respect for all the mamas and babies.

Happy mothers day to all the mommies who are not mommies yet and desperately hope to be one day. Your nurturing, loving disposition rubs off on the mothers who have the opportunity to hold their babies today. It makes us realize that what we have is sacred and never to be taken for granted. As the message in "Under the Tuscan Sun" conveys, family comes in many forms, so don't give up hope!

I could adopt a baby (or five) tomorrow. I have loved nothing more than baby Max in my life, but my heart aches for all the babies in the world that need mommies. Now that Max has all his one year molars, eats everything, and sleeps like a champ (most of the time), I would like to adopt a pack of boys and breast feed each one of them. I understand why siblings are generally spaced two years apart. It's about this time that mama is recovering and ready for another! (Not happening ANY TIME SOON, but just sayin'....)

Ok, so some random updates: (These are my favorite....eeeeek!)

Max eats sliced oranges now and hands the peel back to me. He does not like it if I cut the orange out for him. He wants to do it himself.

In 30 seconds flat while I was using the bathroom, he pulled out a chair and climbed on it in order to climb on to the kitchen table. This boy is FAST. No doubt.

He has NEVER been sick. (Yay mommy....I must be doing something right!) However, we are looking for the vaccine against skinned knees because that is a common occurrence around here. While going into the doctor's office with me the other day, he bumped his head so hard that he cut himself before I headed into minor surgery. Thank goodness the nurses were right there to clean his wound and take care of him because that was not a good moment!

He's obsessed with footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, yoga balls, and any ball he can get his hands on. And yes, of course he is dying to play with the volleyballs with his father at the beach.

He LOVES music and we jam out with our clams out. He tap dances with me every single time we get into the elevator and I swear he's already doing traveling time steps.

He softly hugs his friends with such loving kindness. Unfortunately he proceeds to steal their toys out of their hands and run circles around them.

He thinks the cat is a drum set. Kind-hearted kitty doesn't even care....

Forrest Gump thinks baby Max is super cute. Yes, he is already hanging out with Tom Hanks at playtone....how many babies get that opportunity? Thanks Aunt Nori!

As for us, it took Paisley and I over two hours to hike temescal with Max the other day. Either we are getting more and more out of shape, or he's getting heavier.

Max slept through all of his scheduled Easter egg hunts in Coppell, so we improvised with a hunt in the backyard. There's a video of that floating around somewhere. I look like a brunette version of Anna Nicole playing outside with Max so it's probably better that no one views it. Those bath toys made for some sweet eggs!

I find it interesting that my mom had three kids and said none of us were ever into everything the way Max is. She said they are going to have to baby proof all the cabinets in the kitchen before the next time we visit. I'm used to the high level of activity so that is just our norm. But she stressed the importance of being in a good school district because he is a smart cookie and will be easily bored. We're either all really biased or Max is really amazing. Or both. :)

While Max was with grandmom and granddad, I went to a DCC banquet and had a night out with my sistas at Cowboys Stadium. That made for a fun hall pass, but by the time I got home after midnight, I was exhausted. Upon returning from a long, lovely evening, I was stunned to find Max boo-hoo-ing crying and you could say that evening didn't go too smoothly! My parents got steam rolled while I got treated to some first class fun on the field!

For mother's day I took Max to the Gentle Barn where we were able to save a hamburger and hug a cow. He was so sweet with the rescue animals and made the kissy sound to every animal he sees. He enjoyed petting the roosters, horses, and the pot belly pigs...(Except he screamed maniacally when the rooster took his corn on the cob away.) Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita is a fantastic place to teach children how to cherish and respect animals and would be a wonderful place to have a vegetarian picnic with a group of impressionable kiddos. I highly recommend this place!

Compassionate activities like this teach unconditional love and make for the best time together.

Gotta' get back to my yoga book challenge now. I hate it that there's no real time in my schedule for blogging. I have eight books to read in eight weeks time, and quite frankly I have no idea how I'm going to accomplish it. I just know that I can!