Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Max found his feet and I'm feeling constipated.

Max is cute all the time...even at the doctor. But maybe I'm the one who needs a checkup because I haven't been feeling as regular as usual. Maybe I need to drink more water. Breast feeding really dehydrates me. Aren't you glad to know that!
Max found his feet 2 Saturdays ago on June 19. He enjoys teething on them as you can see in this peanut shell. He's very accustomed to being in the sling. And I think it's great having him close to my heart!

I guess I'm going to have to get used to people giving their parenting advice. But once in a while it is ridiculous. I had a neighbor yesterday checking to see if I had turned the passenger airbag off in front of Max's carseat. Well, duuuhhhhh! Of course I did! What kind of an idiot mom do you think I am!

And I had a girl who smoked through her own pregnancy tell me that I should let Max cry it out and make him sleep through the night right now at 4 months old. WHAT! That is f'ing ridiculous! One day my hugs aren't going to cut it when my son needs me, and I plan on being there for him when he does. Plus he has a tiny tummy and for a little baby hunger is painful. Do you think I'm so insanely selfish that I would let my sweet, precious baby starve through the night without his number one crony. Heck, no! Not for ONE MINUTE! There's a reason mother nature made women a certain way, and trust me....there's no denying that. If I don't feed my baby when he cries than I may as well squirt an idiot with bad advice in the eye, because the milk is flowing out of my boobs regardless.

Oops, did I just go on a rant. Yes I did. But seriously, I'm on the crunchy end of attachment parenting and I wouldn't have it any other way. I subscribe to the beware of baby trainers beliefs. It pains me to think that someone could actually believe that my 4 month old baby is manipulating me rather than simply communicating with me. And that came from another mom! YUCK YUCK YUCK!

I better simmer down and go to bed. Sorry about the too much information at the beginning. I just had to vent. Goodnight!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mom, you're CRAZY!

I forgot to include a few pictures of my trip to Dallas. Max had fun meeting his uncles. He's yet to learn exactly how much fun they are!

This is the classic look I get after the 100th kiss. I might just be crazy after all!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Baby and Me

Max is happy in this picture because he just sh*t on daddy. Oh boy that was a big one!

Max and I went to our first mommy and me yoga class on Mon. I was super excited to go meet some new mommies and get some exercise. But Max decided we needed to nurse for the first half of class. And during the interactive second half of class he fell into a milk coma and didn't participate. The doctor says to never wake a sleeping baby, so I did all the cute stuff by myself while Max slept peacefully. At least we made it to the yoga studio and saw that was an accomplishment in itself!

I'm joining all kinds of groups and trying to find some cool mommy friends. I've got breastfeeding support group, mom's group at the park on Thursdays, and starting a program called music together tomorrow. It's a little harder to find moms that want to be active and outdoors climbing up a mountain with their baby strapped to their chest. It's not easy if you're carrying the extra weight of the papoose and you're a little out of shape. And if you're sleep deprived, forget about it. Most moms are tired and want to go for coffee.

Max went to the doctor on Tues. and we found out he is almost 15 pounds and in the 75th percentile for weight gain. He's 25 1/2 inches long now, and that puts him into the 90th percentile for height. Wow, this boy is growing!

He's doing tons of adorable things. He's been holding his toys for several weeks now. His grip is so tight on anything he gets a hold of, including my hair. He's officially begun teething as of this week, and Sophie the giraffe is always close by to put in his mouth. Sophie makes some cute noises when he squeezes her, and the sounds aren't too obnoxious or bothersome. He almost always has a rattle or a little "lovey" in his hands.

He also likes to pull his blanket over his head. This is not ok with me. It makes me so nervous not to be able to see his head. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled the blanket down to check his breathing, and he is always fine. I decided not to worry about him anymore since it is a light baby blanket. He must like making the room extra dark by covering his eyes because he does this all the time.

I couldn't believe it a few days ago when he pulled his pacifier out of his mouth with his hand, and then put it back IN his mouth all by himself. I don't know if it's conscious or not, but he's also passing his toy from one hand to the other. It seems like his coordination is rapidly advancing on a daily basis.

My little dude has a funny personality. Sometimes he looks at me like I'm crazy. We laugh a lot and enjoy making silly noises with each other. He can't wait to talk and already expects that I understand what he is communicating with me. I love to talk with him and hear every little thing he has to say.

I only have 4 pounds left to lose, and I swear half of that is in my boobs. Even though this isn't the best picture, I think you can tell I'm getting back in shape. We took Marc's parents on a hike up temescal canyon. His mom got nervous and turned around early on, but his dad and the rest of us enjoyed the journey.