Sunday, April 25, 2010

Welcome to CLUB CRAP!

I took Max to have his pictures taken on Wed. so I could send out birth announcements to all of our family members. While the professional photographer was taking pictures, I was behind her taking some of my own. Cuuuuute!

He behaved very well and didn't even pee on the Picture People's blanket that was provided for the session. It went so well that I was raving about what a good boy I had. Not only did he refrain from peeing while his diaper was off, he was showing off his new talent of holding his head up, which made for even cuter pictures. I was a happy mommy knowing we were going to be able to send out my angel's birth announcements that would be nothing less than precious.

As I sat down to pick out which pictures I wanted to purchase, I realized something was a little "off". My front side felt a bit damp and I really wasn't sure if it was sweat. I was hot from carrying the baby and a little nervous taking Max out for so long. As silly as it may seem, I'm still a bit intimidated when trying to do diaper changes and breast feed in public. I know these are natural things and it shouldn't be a big deal, but I'm just not used to it yet.

So as I lifted Max away from me to see what was on my shirt, I saw exactly what had happened. It was the diaper blow out of all diaper blow outs. Because I was holding Max up under his butt, when he went big potty it all squirted up the back side of his diaper, immediately soaking through his beautiful, polo onesie. I rushed into the bathroom and went to clean him up on the diaper changing table and realized it was way too disgusting to even lay him on that table. I also realized that if I were to pull the onesie off over his head, I would get poop all over his face and neck. Max started to cry at that point. I couldn't blame him. I wanted to cry with him. Poor baby.

I opened the door of the bathroom to see if anyone was close by to help me. After assessing the situation I thought I just needed to go to plan B and find a pair of scissors and cut his outfit off of him. But there was no one nearby to help me with that, and truthfully it would have made me sick to cut up the cutest outfit we have in his current size.

So, it was off to plan C. I turned on the water of the bathroom sink and preceded to bathe Max in his poop-infested clothing. He was just looking up at me the whole time with the most confused face. Even an 8 week old baby knows it's not natural to take a bath with your clothes on. Then when I got most of the crap off him I took his outfit off and wrapped him up in his blanket to dry him off.

Now, one thing I know is to pack an extra clean outfit for the baby, but what about an extra clean outfit for me? For the rest of the day I looked and smelled like crap. And when I got home, I did what any new mom would have done. Instead of taking a shower, I ate lunch.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today was a big day because Max rolled from his back to his side all by himself. He's definintely getting stronger and holding his head up a lot more, but I was not expecting him to be able to roll so soon. Granted he's only done it this one time, but it's surprising to me that we are already at the stage of not being able to lay him near the edge of things like the couch or the bed anymore.

I discovered his new talent today during a diaper change at Paradise Cove in Malibu. We went with friends to the scenic spot and Max really enjoyed himself. He was happy to stare at the seagulls while chilling out beach side. He has no idea how spoiled he is. Many people only get to go somewhere this beautiful on a very special vacation.

Here we are....Livin' the good life!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been trying to take some high quality pictures of Max. It seems like mastering a great picture of a newborn would be simple, but it's not as easy as it seems. I need to find a good pro because none of my pictures do him justice. And now that he smiles all the time it would be fun to get one of him laughing really big. I wonder who he got that from....haha.

He's 5 1/2 weeks old in this first picture. He's hanging out in his bedroom with his sporty friends.
Tonight I thought he looked cute in his swaddle and grabbed this photo. He's 7 1/2 weeks old today.

I was trying to show perspective in this picture so you could see how small he is. He's technically considered long for a newborn, but he's still so little. I guess he's naked because he outgrew every stitch of newborn clothing.

We are just having fun and enjoying hanging out all day and night. Marc went to Cabo this morning, so I'm on my own until Sunday. I think we will be ok. So far so good....

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gettin' Back!

This was the best weekend ever! Meg flew in town and helped me with Max all weekend. It was one of the best weekends I've ever had. I was able to sleep at night while she took over the night shift. And then with the extra rest I was able to exercise during the day. It was the most special time with Meggie and Max. That was the best kind of help because we were with the baby during the day. It is very difficult for me to be away from him for very long long. Thank you Meggie for understanding exactly what this new mommy needed to be a better person!!!

Yesterday was my first hike since the cesarean. We hiked runyon together while Meg carried Max in the moby wrap. On Sat. we took a nice walk along the Santa Monica bike path from where Marc plays volleyball to the Santa Monica pier. And then today I got a lot of rest and did 7 sets of Santa Monica stairs when Marc got home from work. I woke up terribly sore this morning after doing runyon yesterday, so climbing over 1000 steps was the way to work it out. Boy am I going to be sore tomorrow!

Other than that, I haven't been doing too much. My goal is to leave the house once a day and that seems to work out perfectly for us. It keeps me from getting cabin fever without overwhelming me with a large to do list. Because of course whenever I try to do to much it is always at the expense of resting.

Speaking of to-do lists, there are a few things that I need to do. I need to to professional newborn photographs. Since I haven't done that, I haven't sent out birth announcements. I really thought I was going to to that already, but if I don't get it done in the next few weeks I might just not do it.

I also need to trade my car in...The days of the cute little audi tt are nearing an end. That should be higher on my list of priorities because the stroller doesn't fit in my trunk, but it just isn't. It's a huge ordeal to go test drive cars because I can't bring Max with me. I can't leave him with a stranger at the car lot while I'm cruising around in a potentially new ride, and I certainly can't install a car seat in every car I test drive. So I have to wait for Marc to get home at night to get out. And then just because he's home and able to watch Max, it doesn't mean I have the energy to leave the house anyway. So far I have made it out to test drive lexus and the toyota prius. I still want to drive the audi a3 before making a decision. Who knows when I will get to that....

I also have some ridiculously cute decals to put up in Max's room, but of course I haven't done that either. I've done quite a few things in his room already, but it is going to look so cute when I get these animal decals up on the walls. We have a giraffe, some monkeys, and some kitties. I can't wait to get that stuff up, but I don't see that happening any time soon either.

Max is 7 weeks old today. He's already been to the movies, the zoo, and the beach. He even slept through his first earthquake. I took a survey and found out he is the happiest baby on the west coast. And since I have gotten more sleep in these past few days, I am a very happy mommy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

Boogars is giving his little brother a kiss! Awwww, how sweet! They're almost the same size now, but Max is growing at a rapid pace, so he will surpass his older sibling any minute. I think they are instant best friends forever just like I was with my childhood kitty, "Mo". Kitties and babies are the best!

There's a picture of Max in his blue towel after a bath. I've gotten better at bathing him and am not so afraid like I was in the beginning. I don't know why I was scared. Maybe I thought I would drown him or that the water would be too hot or too cold. But now I have a system of getting his bath ready quickly and efficiently with all the necessary supplies, including his snuggly hooded towel.

I think I've found a new revelation to get a little bit more sleep. Seriously, what else do I want in this world besides sleep. Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. I've been beyond exhausted for about 6 weeks now and want nothing more than to catch a second of shut eye at any given moment.

Nighttime feedings used to be the biggest ordeal because Marc wasn't letting me breast feed Max in the bed. So now Max and I are sleeping upstairs in a different bed. It is so much easier not having to get up and down so many times during the night. And it is a very safe cosleeping situation because we have a whole king sized bed to ourselves. I also learned how to feed him while laying on my side and am able to get a lot more rest this way. This is by far, the most natural, instinctual, effective way to get through nighttime feedings with my sweet little boy.