Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Marc and I had a white Christmas in Dallas, and an even whiter New Year's in Mammoth. We definitely maximized our last holiday experience before we become parents. It was truly wonderful to relax and spend time with family and friends.

While we were in Dallas, we had a little baby shower brunch at my friend Christina's restaurant, Terrilli's. It was a small group of special friends that I've known since high school. Here is a picture of my brothers and me at the dinner table.

Marc flew home from the freezing cold of Dallas a couple days earlier than me. I thought he would be bored if he stayed as long as I wanted to. Especially because I wouldn't be taking him out on the town. All I want to do at night is go to bed, and I didn't know how he would entertain himself while everyone was sleeping. Fortunately, my brothers took him out to a bar in Lewisville one night. Ugh, a smoky bar so didn't sound like fun to me. Marc said I probably would have puked within 5 seconds of walking in. Male bonding was probably good for the boys and I think they had a good time getting to know each other a bit more. The stories of their silly shenanigans never gets old!

On the day that I flew back to LA, Marc scooped me up from LAX and brought me straight home to repack my suitcase for Mammoth. Quickly and diligently I took a few things out of my suitcase and added a few items I thought I would need for the mountains. Marc was expecting it to take me a while to repack, but I was going from one snowy environment to another. It's not like I have very many clothes that fit or I needed to pack snowboard gear. I showered and was ready to go in less than an hour.

The reason this is most impressive is because I travelled for a total of 10 hours that day. On my flight from Dallas to LA, I had a stop in El Paso. And then I rode in the car for the 5+ hours to Mammoth with Marc, David, and Boogars. This is not an easy feat for a pregnant gal in her last trimester. The issues I have are the needs to stretch, get my blood flowing, and pee all the time. Good thing I'm not a prima donna and don't mind popping a squat beside the car in the mountains. Seriously, I would much rather be able to go exactly when I want to, rather than having to search for a dirty gas station where I have to wait in some ghetto line of white trash where I'm afraid to touch anything. Depending on how you look it, I'm either a super cool go-with-the-flow chic or maybe I'm secretly a mountain woman getting back to my roots. As long as I'm not peeing in my pants, I am happy. And believe me, I don't take it for granted that I'm wearing clean pantalones.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't be so open about it, but if I laugh too hard I might pee in my pants a little. Or a lot. Depending on the exact moment and if the baby is sitting on my bladder. Or if I recently drank a cup of water, I'm doomed. Ok, so fine, sneezing is also a problem. Yes, that is why I'm squeezing my legs together. I'm nervous about having an accident. All right, so maybe it also happens once in a while if I'm just sitting there. But I can't help it and am doing everything to prevent the worst. So if you will excuse me for a quick second, I'm gonna' run to the bathroom before I have a chuckle....

It was so great to see my little kitty when I returned home from Dallas. I could tell he missed me terribly, and he let me pet him for a solid 5 hours during the drive to Mammoth and was ecstatic to receive all the attention. I just loved having him next to me during the entire car ride. I never knew I could love an orange kitty so much, but of course I do!

Mammoth was a very chill trip for me. I was exhausted when we arrived and just wanted to sleep. I would stay up late with our buddies and play cards at night and get up early to eat breakfast with everyone in the mornings. But as soon as everyone left to ride the mountain, I went right back to sleep for several hours every day. It worked out perfect because I was able to catch up on rest and enjoy visiting with all of our packed condo full of friends. I thought I would feel lonely by myself during the day, but that certainly wasn't the case. I was too wiped out to feel left out of snowboarding. It worked out perfectly to stay home and nap with Boogars.

This is me with our fabulous friends in Mammoth at 34 weeks pregnant.

It was a spectacular way to ring in 2010....The best year ever!!!

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