Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am sooooo in love with my child. Welcome to the club, eh! This is a love that only parents know. It is an overwhelming, undying love that has consumed me from head to toe.

Today was a better day. I got more sleep and didn't have any fever all day long. Thank goodness for that! Grandmom (my mom) did a lot of babysitting so I could keep going back to sleep as much as possible. Yaaayyyyy!!!

Yesterday, Max went to his first pediatrician's appointment. I was going to take him, but was rescued by Marc and Grandmom. They let me stay in bed and continue resting. The road to recovery is looking brighter since I have made such a big effort to slow down. It's just hard to be still when there is constantly so much to do for the baby. And yeah, a few things for myself are nice a shower and a salad or a shake. And believe me those showers are important when you're sweating like a pig. I don't know if pigs really sweat, but I sure do in my postpartum state.

Speaking of postpartum, I had no idea your body went through so much to get back to its pre-pregnancy state. No one ever told me it was normal to sweat so much. But I guess the hormones are regulating and I'm probably losing a bunch of water weight. No one tells you that you will go home wearing bigger diapers than the baby. Or how wonderful it is to be able to eat an entire mexican dinner as a snack and continue to lose weight while breastfeeding. Or that when you uterus is contracting back to its original size that it can catch you by surprise and literally take your breath away. I guess you kind of think your own physical issues will be over and done with once the baby doesn't live inside your body any longer. But you quickly learn otherwise.

The real test begins Tues. when my mom leaves. Even though I will still be healing from the surgery, I am hoping my immune system will be strong and back on track. It's just too hard to do everything when you're sick. Thank goodness we were able to change Grandmom's flight without paying an arm and a leg.

I learned a few things about Baby Max. When his chin is quivering, it's because his nervous system is developing....not because he's cold. So that's good to know that I am not freezing my baby out of the house. That is a relief to know that I won't be getting bad mom of the year award. And he enjoys the warmth of the heating pad in his diaper changing station. Can you say just a little spoiled?

Another thing about Max is that he is obsessed with food and likes to guzzle his milk down as fast as possible. We are trying to slow him down a little because when he eats too fast, he spits up a lot. I think he inherited this trait from his daddy. I like to eat slowly and savor the taste. I spent a lot of time reading about newborns that spit up because I thought it was possible that he was allergic to something in my breast milk, but it is very common for babies to spit up and there is no need to worry. And the pediatrician complimented my healthy diet because my milk looks so good. Gosh darnit, it better look good considering I'm not eating meat, dairy, spicy, processed foods. That includes no caffeine and almost no chocolate except for a few bites that I snuck when I absolutely couldn't resist myself.

One more thing about our sweet baby is that he loves to be next to his mommy. He probably knows that no one will ever love him as much as I do. I'll try not to get sloppy and emotional about what a perfect baby he is. People might get tired of hearing me say it!

Just one more time: I'm so in love with the best little baby boy in the whole wide world!!!!

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