Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Max found his feet and I'm feeling constipated.

Max is cute all the time...even at the doctor. But maybe I'm the one who needs a checkup because I haven't been feeling as regular as usual. Maybe I need to drink more water. Breast feeding really dehydrates me. Aren't you glad to know that!
Max found his feet 2 Saturdays ago on June 19. He enjoys teething on them as you can see in this peanut shell. He's very accustomed to being in the sling. And I think it's great having him close to my heart!

I guess I'm going to have to get used to people giving their parenting advice. But once in a while it is ridiculous. I had a neighbor yesterday checking to see if I had turned the passenger airbag off in front of Max's carseat. Well, duuuhhhhh! Of course I did! What kind of an idiot mom do you think I am!

And I had a girl who smoked through her own pregnancy tell me that I should let Max cry it out and make him sleep through the night right now at 4 months old. WHAT! That is f'ing ridiculous! One day my hugs aren't going to cut it when my son needs me, and I plan on being there for him when he does. Plus he has a tiny tummy and for a little baby hunger is painful. Do you think I'm so insanely selfish that I would let my sweet, precious baby starve through the night without his number one crony. Heck, no! Not for ONE MINUTE! There's a reason mother nature made women a certain way, and trust me....there's no denying that. If I don't feed my baby when he cries than I may as well squirt an idiot with bad advice in the eye, because the milk is flowing out of my boobs regardless.

Oops, did I just go on a rant. Yes I did. But seriously, I'm on the crunchy end of attachment parenting and I wouldn't have it any other way. I subscribe to the beware of baby trainers beliefs. It pains me to think that someone could actually believe that my 4 month old baby is manipulating me rather than simply communicating with me. And that came from another mom! YUCK YUCK YUCK!

I better simmer down and go to bed. Sorry about the too much information at the beginning. I just had to vent. Goodnight!

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