Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Max and his Pumpkin Patch Adventures

You could say Max has been to his fair share of pumpkin patches. He's practically a pumpkin patch pro. It's the thing to do ya' know....

Apparently on halloween, babies spend a lot of time at the pumpkin patch. Why not? It's fun. It's free. And it's halloweenie time to pull the wagon through the orange maze....

But don't let the scarecrow scare you, because he's not really scary.

And the petting zoo is always a big hit with my little man. He can chase a goat in circles for 15 minutes straight and has an infinite amount of kissies for the bunnies.

Can you imagine how dirty we are when we get home? I find hay in every crease and crevice and my son smells like a farm animal. The pretty pumpkin patch is a perfect spot for a boy to be a boy!

Happy Halloween to my little 20 month old pumpkin!

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