Monday, September 7, 2009

New Beginnings: Babies and Blogs!

Welcome to my blog! I wonder if anyone will actually read this. It seems to be the thing to do for moms that want to share what's happening in their family. Since I am about to be a mommy for the first time coming in February, I felt like jumping on the bandwagon. Why not? I am beginning a new chapter in my life and this calls for some documentation. My friend Sherrie told me that you can even turn a blog into a little book for the baby. What a cute idea!

In this past week (I'm 17 1/2 weeks), I am suddenly "showing". It is so funny that people are asking me questions about being pregnant without hesitation. There is an official baby bump that is no longer being confused with eating too many tofuburgers. I think it takes taller girls longer to "show", but I am petite and can't even hide 5 lbs around my waist line. So there is no mistaking what is going on in this belly.

Right now I'm happy because I haven't felt nautious in several weeks and I haven't had a migraine in the past few days. That is HUGE! I've also been exercising most every day. I read that only 15% of pregnant women get the recommended amount of exercise and I refuse to be in that category.

I'm in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico this week all by myself. I've never left the country alone before, but I suddenly realized that I am never alone these days. This is one of the rare, special times in life where there will be two heartbeats in my body. Home life has been a little on the stressful side with moving and not feeling great. But fortunately things are getting more settled and I was able to get away. This is a time in life that I truly want to treasure forever and ever. Even though I can't enjoy a margarita on this trip, I can enjoy the magical charm of this peaceful city. And of course I can never get enough salsa caliente, mangos con limon, y guacamole. Que rico!

I am feeling very blessed for so many reasons. Right now I am especially thankful for supportive friends and Boogars. Isn't life sweet!

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