Saturday, December 19, 2009

HO HO HO!!! 32 Weeks Pregnant

Who knows the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?

Santa stops after 3 hos...hahaha! I couldn't resist.

It's hard to believe we have less than 8 weeks before the baby is supposed to arrive. Tis the season to be jolly for so many reasons! Between Christmas and Hanukkah and holiday parties galore, it's all happening!

We have continued to prepare for our little one's grand debut. We finished our childbirth classes on Thurs. and earned our certificate of completion. I'm so glad we did that class. We definitely learned some things, but I think the ultimate advantage to doing a class like that is to educate the guys on what the gals are going through. It helps them be more sensitive and understanding to the woman's needs. It is probably easier for the pregnant one to emotionally prepare for the life changing events ahead since they are the ones carrying the child. And I felt like at every class I got 3 hours of Marc's undivided attention. And of course I liked that. :)

Marc is blowing me away with his preparations. He just came home with a stroller the other day. It wasn't the one I wanted, but it was a great deal and fits our infant car seat. He taught me how to use it last night and it was absolutely adorable. He wanted to make sure I did everything correctly so I didn't jeopardize the baby's safety or risk waking him up. Does this even make sense? Isn't it usually the girl convincing the guy that we even need a stroller? Although it wasn't the original stroller I had picked out, I quickly decided it was perfect.

Also, I asked Marc the other day if he would take maternity pictures with me this weekend. He said no problem in a flash. Really? He is so go with the flow and happy to do it. I've heard of many girls begging their guys to do stuff like that. So we are all scheduled to take pregnant belly photos on Sunday after he plays volleyball. People say that makes the pregnancy so much more memorable and can be a special keepsake for the baby one day in the future. I think all kids are curious about what their mommies looked like pregnant. I know I still am...There MIGHT be one whole picture of my pregnant mother in existence. And I still don't know where it is and if it really exists!

Next on the agenda is to find a crib. I'm looking for a white sleigh crib from Pottery Barn to match the white crown molding and the rest of my pottery barn furniture in that room. Marc is actively helping me find the best deal, so I'm sure we'll have a crib in the next few weeks. We're on a roll!

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