Friday, February 5, 2010

39 Weeks Pregnant

Yesterday I got my last sonogram. I've been given the green light that the baby could be born at any time. I found out that he will probably be a tall boy and already weighs approximately 7 lbs 14 oz. He is turned in the proper birthing position and I've begun dilating. It's amazing to me that she could look at it and tell me my son will be born with a little blonde hair. I'm trying to attach the video of the sonogram where I found out this exciting information, but am not quite sure how.

Afterward the sonogram, I met with my doctor who thinks I will still be pregnant in a week. He said I look too good to come this week. Hmmm....maybe I fooled him with my spunkiness. I told him he should have seen me yesterday after no sleep and a crying spell. Would that have made him think the baby would be here sooner? Who knows!

Marc and I went to the movies tonight in case it is one of our last date nights for a while. I told him I thought our son would want to get here in time to see the Super Bowl on Sunday, but as of now, he's still cooking. I'm sure he will come when he's ready.

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