Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye Mama Ellen...Hello Tooth!

Baby Max went to his first funeral this week. He lost his great grandmother Mama Ellen. So we made the trek out to Birmingham, AL for the celebration of her life. Here he is sleeping on the airplane. It is always a wonderful occasion when there is an empty seat next to me for him.

Mama Ellen's funeral was a lovely and quite humorous day. Hopefully it doesn't sound bad to refer to someone's death in such a light-hearted manner, but the stories about Mama Ellen's life were so funny! She was a real character and I feel like some of my silliest qualities have been passed down from her. It was great to hear stories about how she was filled with the holy spirit and that was why she was so lively and full of personality. Mama Ellen had a lot of friends and it was such a nice congregation. I think it was especially wonderful and a bit of relief that I introduced her to her great grandson before she left us. It made me feel better that I was proactive and able to make that happen.

Mama Ellen was cremated and that was a new experience for me. After the service, the immediate family went outside to spread her ashes. I think that's a better way to go than viewing a dead body. But I guess it's all personal preference. In a sense it was as if it didn't register that she was gone. Maybe it was partially because I was busy with Max through out the entire service and ceremony that I didn't have the opportunity to cry or be my usually-emotional self.

On our way home from Birmingham, we stopped through Dallas for a few days and I got to see some of my most wonderful friends. This is a picture of Meg's son Julian with Baby Max.

I made a little baby swimming pool on the back porch for Max. It became his spot for bath time. He would sit in his pool for quite a while and be happy to splash his hands in the water. He seemed quite comfortable in there...almost like a little pimp. The way he would lean back with his arms out on either side of the bin was a little too cool and confident for someone that can't even walk!

It looked like a great way to spend nakey nakey time. In my opinion every baby needs a chunk of time in a day without wearing a diaper. Especially babies that have to wear plastic, disposable diapers. We use cloth at home, but when we're travelling we just go with the grain. I'm surprised more people don't use cloth. It's easier than you think and even Marc agrees that the baby likes it better.

For a guy that's been on about 10 different airplanes in the past 5 months since he was born, it was about time Baby Max reached another milestone. Today I felt his gums and realized he cut his first tooth! I just felt inside his mouth 2 days ago and didn't feel one, so it just came through TODAY! How exciting! I really had no idea I would be this excited about Max getting a tooth, but I am absolutely elated.

So it was a busy, sentimental week. Mama Ellen died on Papa Joe's birthday and after we arrived home Max got his first tooth. I refuse to go anywhere again until Thanksgiving. All I want to do is enjoy sunny California and my boys. The only problem with this is that LA didn't get the memo that it's summer time....brrrr!

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