Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Baby's in the Belly but the Junk's in the Trunk (26 1/2 weeks)

Little baby boy only weighs 2 lbs, but I've gained 20....yikes! The doctor says I have nothing to worry about and that I'm right on track. But I think Marc and I would beg to differ. I am sooo heavy! It took me 2 hours to hike Temescal Canyon the other day. I used to hike that in less than an hour. Slowing down doesn't come naturally to me, but pregnancy gives me no choice.

My skin is stretching so tight over my tummy that it is freaking me out! I've been mixing up homemade stretch mark creams with vitamin E, olive oil, aloe vera, and cocoa butter. How could I possibly make it through 3 more months of this without getting stretch marks. I guess if my anti-stretch mark plan doesn't work, at least you can baste me. Yummmm....tasty Lizzy!

While I'm complaining, I should just get it all out. Why is my butt expanding? I'm starving all the time and go to bed hungry at night. And I can't even eat as much as I want at a meal because it puts too much pressure on my insides and makes it hard to breathe. The sensation of our little one pushing on my belly button creeps me out. I've never liked the feeling of someone touching my belly button, and now I can't control it. But hey, why would I waste my time talking about my belly button when it has practically disappeared. And isn't it true that some guys like a gal with junk in the trunk!

There are tons of fantastic things going on right now besides the fact that I'm huge. We've already gotten a few things for the baby! Yesterday we got a rocking chair and a bassinet! The rocker is a vintage bentwood style rocker and I think that the fact that I love it makes me feel like an old lady. And the bassinet was donated by one of Marc's coworkers and it is perfect for when the little bunchkin is sleeping right next to me. And the baby's room is getting really clean, organized, and understandable. Yaaayyyy!!!

Also, the baby is moving around like crazy, and it feels like I've gone to a theme park when I just sit down on the couch. I can feel him rolling around, which is similar to butterflies. It's extremely entertaining to watch my tummy moving around as he situates himself in his warm, cozy home. He probably just likes to stir the pot by reaching out for my belly button to test my patience because he knows I will love him regardless. That little stinker! He's probably going to be just like his daddy!

One of my biggest fears is living in a "baby house". Sometimes when you walk into a family's home that has kids, it looks like a monster came in and threw up a house full of toys. Gross! And then you can't walk in the dark because a tonka truck might stab you in the foot. Please don't ever let that happen to us! Thank goodness Marc is a minimalist and doesn't like that either, so we can keep that to a minimum. Yeah, yeah, I hear there's no stopping it. Watch this fear come true and feel free to laugh very loudly at me.

So Marc loves to joke and give me a hard time. He thinks I will never put our son down, because I love to hug and cuddle so much. He thinks I baby the cat too much and give in to anything he wants. But he never saw me in my years of teaching dance and how much respect I had from the kids. We had a lot of fun and the kids loved me so much that they never wanted to disappoint me....very similar to my brothers and I with my Dad. He was so cool that we didn't want to let him down. Even at that, I do think Marc is right. I can't wait to smother our little angel with hugs and kisses all the time!

Marc says things that are so sweet and cute so often and I'm afraid if I don't write them down I might forget them. He said he can't wait until our son is in high school and he can relearn high school math and algebra and help teach our son. That is especially endearing to me because Marc is such a diligent, patient teacher. He also expresses how lucky he feels to be having a boy with me. And I believe him because he doesn't say things because you want to hear them. He only says what he genuinely feels or believes.

Instead of working out today, I planted some palm trees. Don't worry, they weren't too heavy. But it sure was a workout carrying everything up to the rooftop to plant. Boogars helped me by hopping over to the neighbor's deck and sunbathing on their patio furniture. And I love it when Marc comes home and is happy with my progress. Ok, so once again, I'm defininitely getting older. I never would have taken such pleasure in being domestic in my 20's. But I absolutely love doing things to make our home nicer.

According to some books, I begin my 3rd trimester in 2 days on Thurs., week 27. In one sense I feel like time is flying, but on the other hand it feels like I have been pregnant forever. I'm trying to get the hang of this blog-thing, and hope to update more often.

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