Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's my 33rd birthday today!!!

Today was my last birthday before Hurricane Newhaus arrives! And it was FAB! Of course you should expect nothing less when spending the day with Edward Cullen. New Moon came out this weekend and I went with a group of girlfriends to see the movie. That explains why we are fawning over Edward and Jacob in the picture. Lucky for us they were as dreamy and magical on the screen as they were in the book. Every single gal in the theatre was as or more obsessed as us, and no one threw us out for screaming I love you Edward at the movie screen. And at the end of the movie no one was too taken aback or offended when I yelled out that if it didn't work out with Bella that he could marry me. And then the lights came up and we went to Nordstrom....almost back to reality.

It was such a great day with girlfriends. It's the kind of day I would love to have any day, and perfect for my birthday. We had a nice lunch at Real Food Daily before heading to the movies. I got a few things that I can really use this year and I am very happy about that. Mostly some clothes that fit, which is all I've needed for quite some time now. Marc got me a pair of fantastic maternity jeans, so I can wear jeans again....yay!!! It's a little bit difficult to maintain creativity month after month in yoga pants. And his mom got me a cardigan cape that is so cute and comfy and perfect for the winter. I'm already at the point where I can't button up my coat, so this couldn't have been better timing. It gets cold in LA at night and now mama can stay warm! And I got some cute pj's that fit. Marc is probably ecstatic about that since I mostly wear the most unflattering clothes around the house that were in desperate need of improvement. I really scored today!

I feel super special and loved! Marc wrote me the sweetest birthday card that made me cry. I told him I wanted him to write me a heartfelt card, and he actually did! I was worried that he wouldn't want to because I asked him to, but he ended up writing me a beautiful card with a cute splash of humor. That made my whole entire day, and I hope he realizes that I'm easy to please. See, it really doesn't take much to make me happy!

Thank you to my sweet friends and family on this birthday! I love you!!!

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