Saturday, July 17, 2010

GONG Baby!

Max started this new thing yesterday that cracks me up. He clasps his hands and throws them out in front of him. And then he bends his arms while his hands are still together and hits himself in the face like it's a gong. He does this over and over again. Sometimes his hands bang into his cheek and other times they go into his nose. He was even doing this in the middle of the night during his 4am feeding. Yes, Max is a gong baby all the time now....even while breastfeeding.

Max got to meet his great grandmother Charlotte today. I really enjoy seeing the different generations together. It is very special that Max is blessed to have not one, but two great grandmothers that love him very much.

It's been a great day of swimming and watching baby Max meet lots of relatives. Everyone thinks he is the best baby because he never cries. They all love my little gong baby.

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