Sunday, July 11, 2010

Swimmy Sleepy East Coast Beachy Baby Boy

I brought my water baby to Florida on Wed. He got in the pool and the ocean for the first time this week.

Max is a great sport and always willing to get in the water.

I love this boy. What can I tell you. I can barely talk about anything but Max. He is such an awesome, happy baby! I've officially become "that mom". Yeah, the one that wants to talk about her son all the time. We are so happy together!

Today we went to Deerfield Beach. I love the water there. It is so warm, and I could swim in it all day long. I must have burned tons of calories there because I've eaten about 5 meals today.

But I didn't think I got that much exercise between breast feeding, diapers, etc. I'm just hungry all the time. I wonder if that will level out once Max gets to start eating solid foods. Because I've been a bottomless pit for months now!

Grandpa Newhaus took us out for a nice dinner by the beach. I ate grilled snapper with veggies and mashed potatoes. Then I just came home and made a veggie burger with eggs and an english muffin. Oh, and a chocolate covered banana and some cookies. That may seem way over the top, but I feel great. Yes, I do have some fat reserves, but my milk supply is tremendous!

As you can see, all the boys are exhausted after a day at the beach. This picture captures 3 generations of tired Newhaus boys! Everyone is tired because we are staying so busy. Madeline thought of all these fun activities for us to do while Max and I are in Florida. She was worried I would get bored, but today I told her we could slow it down a little. I never have the opportunity to be bored at home. I would like more time to lounge by the pool, go for walks, and write my blog. Now that I'm not so sleep deprived, I just want to enjoy the moment. So that's my plan....xoxo

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