Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby Band Baby Down!

It's Saturday afternoon and I am rebelliously blogging while Max naps. Showering, cleaning, and getting ready to meet my friend that will be here in 15 minutes may seem more important, but this is how I want to enjoy a few minutes of alone time.

I seem to be enjoying life more lately. That is always a goal, but since our fabulous Mammoth getaway, I have reconnected with the free-spirited side of myself. Don't get me wrong, I'm still not overly committal. I only plan one activity per day and that's my max. If we have time and energy for more, then so be it. But I'm a one stop shop in the plans department.

Today my plans are as fun as they've been all week. Paisley and I are going to walk the beach path with baby Max and then lunch with Marc. Doesn't that just sound nice. Southern California may have earthquakes, traffic, and smog, but damn it is beautiful. And perfect for a child to grow up. I can't imagine being so lucky to grow up in the mecca of entertainment. And I'm barely speaking of showbiz when I say entertainment, because the canyons and the sunshine provide more to the masses than the walk of fame has to offer eager tourists snapping pictures with their digital cameras.

December was full of rain and we just don't know how to behave in California after it has been raining for a few weeks in a row. Our activities are all outside-based and I almost went crazy after a month of no hikes, no Santa Monica stairs, and no parks. I guess that's why the Mammoth trip was the perfect kick in the butt. Since my wonderful days on the slopes, I have exercised almost every single day.

Yesterday I packed up baby Max in his new Ergo baby carrier and did six sets of Santa Monica stairs. That's at least 900 steps I climbed. We are getting in stellar shape for our hike in and out of the grand canyon in March. I'm so glad I sprung for the Ergo because it is by far the most comfortable baby carrier for mommy and baby.

Baby Max is in a band now and we have been rehearsing like crazy. He plays the drums, maracas, and makes his own music with random sticks and toys. And yes, you guessed correctly. It sounds beautiful! He is a talented musician along with the rest of his massive skill set. He is getting ready for broadway, but sometimes he likes to take a break to canoodle with one of his girlfriends. Frankie Bear might be a little clingy, but as you can see, chivalrous Max does not mind.

And sometimes a lil rockstar will fall or pass out because the fun is more than they can bare.

On Thursday we went to the park like we always do, and the most interesting thing happened. We were all playing on our patchwork quilt full of blankets. Moms were catching up and babies were grabbing each other's toys as usual. But Max decided he wanted to go play in an area about 25 yards away from us.

Whenever he crawls off I don't chase him because obviously he knows where I am and I can see him perfectly. So he went and sat by himself and played in the dirt and looked back every minute or two to make sure I was watching him. He would occasionally bring me a handful of dirt and then go back to his isolated spot under a tree. He is so secure and leaves me when he is ready, and that makes me so proud.

As other people would walk by, we were joking that maybe they forgot to take their baby. Everyone was laughing about who that baby belonged to. He was so independent without a care or worry in the world. I wish every baby could have the complete in arms experience in the beginning of life, and leave their mom when they are ready.

I hope Max never feels sick in his environment like he needs to run away. Attachment parenting has been so important to me. The Continuum Concept has given me so much confidence in my parenting style. I love my rambunctious rockstar!

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