Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Letter to my 11 month old

Dear baby Max,

Being your mom is a royal pleasure and I never ever ever want to forget this time. You have completely transformed my life in every possible way.

Thank you for pointing out to me that it means NOTHING when I buckle you into the stroller. I see that you are an acrobat and know how to escape the harness.

When I unload the dishwasher, you are so helpful. I appreciate your willingness to climb inside and retrieve a plate, but I will continue to pull you out every single time you master that maneuver. Inside the dishwasher is not a safe place for a baby!

Thank you for barreling up the entire flight of stairs last week in under three seconds. After witnessing your strength, Daddy finally picked up some baby gates to keep you away from all those steps!

You amazed me beyond belief yesterday when you saw your friend, Vladimir. I couldn't believe you simultaneously waved and said "hi" immediately after I told you to wave hello. You knew exactly what you were doing and did it with confidence. It was also completely adorable when you were waving hi to Boogars (the cat) this morning.

You have a wonderful wave that makes these moments most memorable. It's probably because your fingers are curled as if you are clawing at the air that everyone laughs when they see your arms flailing. Your effervescent personality is undeniable, and the tuft of cat hair stuck to your lips is a sure sign as to where you've been.

It is so much fun taking you to music class. Singing and squealing together is one of the highlights of my week! The way you move your body to the beat of the music is such a thrill, and to make instruments out of water bottles keeps us delightfully down to earth.

And how could I not understand that even during the best of times you must take breaks to obstruct another mommy's child-proofed cabinets or fish through her handbag. It reminds us to stay on our toes because every single moment is a new adventure and a magnificent memory in the making.

You are teaching me as much or more than I'm teaching you. You are reminding me to be curious and carefree and less nervous. You are reacquainting me with the fact that the tiniest events can be so exciting. You are reminding me to have patience, because life is messy. I love that about you.

I hope you see yourself with the same loving, accepting eyes as I do for the rest of your life. I love you the way my grandmother loved her boys. Since you have never met her personally, I would like you to know that she is the kindest, sweetest, most loving person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, not to mention being related to.

Oh, and I'd like to let you know that I just changed three diapers in one hour. I've never seen anything like it, but I hope you know that I don't mind because I love every second of being your mom!

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