Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

Every day is Christmas when you're a precious baby, but last week Max got to have his first official Christmas, and it was fabulous. With all the excitement that's been going on this year, we didn't feel pressured to go anywhere or do anything over the top. We simply enjoyed a perfect day with fantastic friends and a feast of food in LA. We lacked for nothing!

Thank you to everyone who has been so thoughtful and generous to us and sweet little Maxi-moo. He loves all his gifts including his new car from his uncles. It is so cute to watch him open and close the car door by himself with such assurance. I swear he knows exactly what he is doing by the way he sits inside with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hanging out the window.

I'm most excited about Max's new stroller. We finally got the BOB revolution after obsessing over it for months and months! Max and I feel so blesed and I hope he never takes it for granted that we have everything and more than we could ever need. This stroller was a huge splurge and can be taken on any hiking trail or off-roading with the best of 'em. Only $400 later you might think we are crazy, but this is an athletic mom must have, and if you know me at all I just had to have this stroller!

This is a lucky little reindeer. He has multiple modes of operation for bobbin' around addition to a grocery cart. He's such a cool little dude and is happy to go anywhere we take him.

We hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah! Max's first Christmas was another notch on the list of firsts that we will always remember. Tis the season!

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