Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy First Birthday Baby Max!!!

The day we have been waiting for arrived today. Max turned ONE YEAR OLD! Happy birthday sweet baby boy!

It is a special day of reflection when thinking about the past year. It has been a year of love, growth, and patience. It has been Max's first year of life. We are celebrating his birthday on Sat. with some friends, so I'm sure he will have the best party. Hooray for him!!!

And also hooray for me! It has been my first year as his mommy. A friend of mine texted me congratulations for surviving the first year. She and I both agree that the sleep deprivation stage in the beginning is by far the hardest. Especially when your hormones are all wacko after giving birth. So she's right. Congratulations to me too!

Marc's parents took Max to the amusement park all day long today for his birthday. Ponies, carousels, and coasters filled their day with nonstop stimulation. Grandma Madeline said Max was the best baby and happy as a clam all day long. They made Max's birthday so special at Knotts Berry Farm!

Since Max was with the grandparents, I treated myself to 2 hours of FREE TIME today. "What's that?" you say. "It's a fragment of the past pommelled into present day. Those are things that you just forget about when you become a parent. It's similar to the friends you lose when you become a mom. Free time bites the dust along with your old friends sleep and selfish. Remember them?

Free time is described as time without obligation or responsibility. Or better yet, it is time that you can choose to spend however you want. Free time is typically defined as time available for hobbies and other activities that you enjoy. I never have free time so those types of thoughts barely even cross my mind.

Last night I painted a grafitti inspired canvas in my head instead of sleeping. The abstract compilation was some type of decoration for Max's upcoming birthday party this weekend, and I could not stop obsessing about what I wanted (or needed) to paint. More than anything I just wanted to throw paint on a canvas and spray paint MAX on it in such a way that you might visualize it in a tunnel beneath a freeway. Random, but I thought it would look cool. That's how I wanted to spend my free time today!

I've never painted a canvas in less than a few days and they usually take me closer to a week or three. But today I had a vision and knew that the only way to fulfill my abstract image was to complete it from beginning to end in less than two hours. Who knows when I will have free time again, and the last thing I wanted was the task of completing a canvas to be hanging over my head. So I was bound and determined to make this project happen!

And gosh darnit, I did it. Here's what I made for baby Max in my free time today. Happy first birthday my dear son. I hope we have many more happy and healthy birthdays together in the future. I love you!

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