Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toothbrushes are Toys and Dirt is a Food Group

The rambunctiousness is not limited to the playground, and one can find so much to finagle in a single cabinet with a turntable. Or not. After assessing the situation, I decided that we don't have to go to the park to go exploring. So the remainder of the cleaning supplies got moved under the sink where there is a childproof lock on those cabinets. So the fun never has to end, and I get a kick out of seeing baby Max standing upright inside his cavern.

Yogi mommy plus happy baby equals full time fun. As if it wasn't already official, I'm fully immersed in my teaching training program at Earth's Power Yoga. My energies are scattered and I'm spread too thin, but it's still awesome. I'm taking four yoga classes a week as part of my preparations to teach and that is my favorite part. Mama's lookin' good and getting strong! Woohoo!!!

It has probably been harder on Marc than anyone because he has Max for six hours in a row on Sundays, but he's made it through two weeks so far. He always looks so exhausted when I get home and asks me how I do it all day every single day. That is slightly gratifying, because being a parent is such an important job. But regardless of how tired Marc is, he is always happy to cook dinner. That cracks me up that no matter how chaotic his day was, he enjoys a retreat into the kitchen where he effortlessly whips up bok choy, quinoa, chard, snapper, and anything else in season that sounds tasty. Pretty fantastic if you ask most mommies! So when I feel annoyed that he is up all night playing video games on his phone or computer, I think about how good dinner was....hahaha!!!

Getting to my classes seems to be the easy part now that we have that figured out. Finding time to read the eight assigned books and summarizing them in four page long essays....Now that's a different story. It is so ridiculously difficult to read a single article with a baby in the house, and I have absolutely no idea how I am going read eight books. I might have to pull a casper and disappear into the abyss of a couch at the library without a baby's cry within earshot. Distractions are unavoidable with all the responsibilities I have at home!

We always make time for the fun stuff. And our Thursdays at the park are no exception. Max trampled his girlfriend, Everly a few times this week, but fortunately she is resilient. And in case you haven't heard, it is true. Toothbrushes are toys and dirt is a food group!


  1. Liz, I didn't even know you blogged! Love it so far - Max is so precious. They are so much fun at this age with all of their exploring - and their brains are little sponges! As for toothbrushes and dirt . . . well, that won't change any time soon, LOL!! My three year old STILL carries his toothbrush around everywhere and plays in dirt!

    I love yoga. Even as big as I am, I love to just stretch and allow my body to relax.

    Can't wait to read more!


  2. Thanks Jennifer!

    I'm glad to hear we aren't the only family with a toothbrush fetish....haha! I haven't been the most regular blogger since motherhood keeps you so busy, but I'm trying to make more time for those things I love.

    Isn't yoga the best! It's a natural high, and I'm happy to have it as a retreat when I get the opportunity.

    Thanks for your comments! XOXO