Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Decompression, Carmageddon, and Paris

What do all three of these things have in common....las vegas. That's what we had going on last weekend.

I was eager to decompress and that's the first thing I did. When we got to vegas on the first evening, the Newhaus family went to dinner and I stayed behind in the hotel room and did.... Gee, what did I do? I don't think I did anything. Oh wait, I actually squealed with excitement over the phone call I made. It was a quiet, intelligent conversation with my brother without Max trying to rip the phone out of my hand. That was cool.....(ALONE TIME OMFG I never ever ever get that anymore YYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!)

Paris was the hotel we stayed in and it was really nice. We had time at the pool, some delicious dinners, and I got extra crazy and hit up a few yoga studios. Yeah, I went to three fantastic yoga classes while Marc played poker. Marc and I even went on a date while grandma and grandpa took the baby. Now that's just wild!

We finished up the debauchery with the quickest drive back to LA. I guess everyone was terrified of the roads and freeways because of the 405 closure and it was a breeze getting home. Carmageddon turned out to be less than the anticipated auto apocolypse. What a relief for us not to be stuck in a traffic jam all day with the baby!

Now we're back home and it isn't easy adjusting. Reality doesn't suck, but I prefer being spoiled on vacation. Now instead of looking for les toilettes, I'm just going to the bathroom. Dinner is no longer at the eiffel tower, but on the basic couch. And instead of merci, I hear "hurry up, the baby ripped his diaper off and I told you not to use velcro anymore!"...... Yaaaay reality!

But here's the reality. After a few hours away from Max, I really miss him. And I look forward to seeing him again. It's amazing that I could spend so much time with someone and never ever ever get sick of it. Don't get me wrong--I enjoy some breaks and definitely need more of them. But I'm always ready to get back to being mama.

I'm posting three photos on this blog because my hair is done in all three of them. That's a big deal in case you didn't realize what it was like to have an active toddler pulling out clumps of your "do". Honestly, I think it's a miracle that I had (mostly) matching outfits and accessories for three days in a row.

It's worth noting that my "wig hair" is returning. My postpartum hair regrowth is several inches long and it sure has become easier to style my mane! There is evidence that I still know how to work the hot rollers....ahahaha!

Paris was a great place to chill out during carmageddon. I highly recommend it. But even more I recommend Blue Sky Yoga. Yeah, I'd definitely go back that nitty gritty donation based studio in the art district. Or the Yoga Sanctuary. (Except the prices are higher for out of towners....BOO!) I really enjoyed the power yoga classes at both of these vegas studios. I can't think of a better way to decompress in sin city than with a floating pidgeon.....the new pose I'm semi-mastering. Viva las vegas!

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