Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is going on here?

I should post an addendum to my last blog. Remember the shopping spree I went on? Well, let's go over the items purchased.

1. Potty training seat: I even spent the extra $10 for the high back bjorn seat that I was told to get. Let's see what baby Max does with his new toilet. He uses is as a bowl for his ice. He's figured out that as the ice melts he can drink cold water out of the area that is supposed to hold urine. Oh, and when he is finished eating his dinner, he will take it and put it in the potty. That's probably why I found potatoes in there this morning.

2. Swimming pool: I bought a little pool for our rooftop deck because the weather is beautiful and Max loves the water. However, after bringing the pool in the house, Max filled it with all his toys. So his swimming pool is actually a glorified blue and green toy box. And truthfully, the toys are all stored in there so perfectly that I don't mind leaving it just the way it is.

3. Extra large gardening tools: It's not like he can ever play with them outside anyway. He might knock a little kid over at the park with that arm of his. So he walks back and forth over the carpet with the rake and I kind of feel bad that he hasn't gotten to use his hoe, rake, and shovel in an actual garden.

Ooooohhhhh welllllll...... He's happy and who cares if everything we get him is noticeably less interesting than the box that it came in. I'm just grateful to have such a happy baby boy.

This week he taught me about motherhood in the millenium. No texting while diaper changing was the #1 lesson learned. Yes, I learned the hard way and no, I will not be repeating that mistake! I THOUGHT I've been doing great because I basically gave up talking on the phone months ago, but texting while parenting is a major distraction to watch out for!

I also learned that after about age 16 months, it is not wise to cloth diaper with velcro diaper covers. He can take those off by himself and snaps are the way to go. My favorite diaper covers are called the "flip" for this age. Another lesson learned....

Today Max got his 15th tooth. All he needs, is one more bottom tooth at this point for a complete set of chompers. He's been nursing soooo much for comfort lately and I wouldn't be surprised if after these last two teeth come through if he goes back to only breast feeding a few times a day again. We have been enjoying oodles of snuggles.

Tonight when my little angel fell asleep I couldn't help but stare at him for a while before I laid him down in his bed. I breathed in his breath and held his little hand and told him how special he is to me. He is such a peaceful little boy and our attachment is the most beautiful bond I have ever experienced in my whole entire life.

I love that I have such a healthy baby boy, such supportive mommy friends, and the ability to go to bed late at night without feeling like a truck ran over me. I have not forgotten how sleep deprived I was this time last year and it is such a blessing to feel rested--even with a teething baby!

Good times on runyon canyon with our sweet friends Jolynn and Zaiah made for a fun beginning to the week! We're getting ready to leave town tomorrow in time to beat carmageddon in LA this weekend. We're packing for vegas and rocking out to some tunes...Let the good times roll!

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