Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

Boogars is giving his little brother a kiss! Awwww, how sweet! They're almost the same size now, but Max is growing at a rapid pace, so he will surpass his older sibling any minute. I think they are instant best friends forever just like I was with my childhood kitty, "Mo". Kitties and babies are the best!

There's a picture of Max in his blue towel after a bath. I've gotten better at bathing him and am not so afraid like I was in the beginning. I don't know why I was scared. Maybe I thought I would drown him or that the water would be too hot or too cold. But now I have a system of getting his bath ready quickly and efficiently with all the necessary supplies, including his snuggly hooded towel.

I think I've found a new revelation to get a little bit more sleep. Seriously, what else do I want in this world besides sleep. Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. I've been beyond exhausted for about 6 weeks now and want nothing more than to catch a second of shut eye at any given moment.

Nighttime feedings used to be the biggest ordeal because Marc wasn't letting me breast feed Max in the bed. So now Max and I are sleeping upstairs in a different bed. It is so much easier not having to get up and down so many times during the night. And it is a very safe cosleeping situation because we have a whole king sized bed to ourselves. I also learned how to feed him while laying on my side and am able to get a lot more rest this way. This is by far, the most natural, instinctual, effective way to get through nighttime feedings with my sweet little boy.

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  1. I could die happy...that pic of Max and Boogs is so precious!!! love you, mama...xoxo